Welcome to CRC's supplier web 页面, which provide orientation, support 资讯rmation and tools for prospective or registered suppliers. California Resources Corporation and its subsidiaries and joint ventures are referred to as "CRC" in these web页面.

Registered Suppliers
iSupplier Portal Access英雄联盟哪里可以投注

To access the iSupplier Portal, click here

The iSupplier Portal is an online self-service tool that allows you to directly access 资讯rmation and conduct transactions. In the future, CRC may decide exclusively to use suppliers that are registered on its iSupplier Portal.

Important: If your company is currently doing business with CRC, but does not have access to the iSupplier Portal, please contact your CRC representative.

Training Material
iSupplier Portal User Guides英雄联盟哪里可以投注

Note: For step by step instructions on how to use the iSupplier Portal, click on the applicable link below:


Supplier Key Action

User Guides

POET Finder View Business Unit and AP Location; Verification of POET.

POET Finder

Navigation General overview of the iSupplier Portal to access, reset passwords, navigate, define preferences and notifications.

Overview to Access, Passwords, Navigation and Notifications

iSupplier Users Administration Create, update and inactivate iSupplier Portal Users; reset user passwords Administrate Users - Security Administrator
Request for Information View, acknowledge and submit response to Request for Information (RFI). Respond to RFI
Request for Quotation View, acknowledge and submit quote for Request for Quotation (RFQ). Quote RFQ
Purchasing Document View Purchasing Documents (Purchase Orders, Services Orders, Contracts, Master Services Agreements, etc.); and their price; electronically accept a Purchasing Documents. View and/or Accept Purchasing Documents
Receipts and Returns View Receipts and Returns View Receipts and Returns
Contractual Deliverables View and submit information and documentation required by CRC, associated with a Purchasing Document. View and/or Submit Contractual Deliverables
Invoices and Payments View Invoices and Payments View Invoices and Payments
Electronically submit invoices against Standard Purchase Orders. Submit Electronic Invoices
Electronically submit credit memos. Submit Electronic Credit Memos
Electronically view/submit Supplier Charges/Field Ticket Invoices against Agreements. View and Submit Electronic Supplier Charges Invoices
Notice of billing requirement for Maximo work orders; list of surface maintenance task numbers. View Billing Requirement and List of Surface Maintenance Task Numbers


If your company is interested in implementing the B2B electronic exchange of the iSupplier Portal Supplier Charges, please review the Integrated Supplier Implementation Guide. Then complete and submit the Supplier B2B Integration 阅读iness and Technical Assessment Questionnaire.


CRC considers it critical that suppliers keep all supplier data current. If there are any changes in your company information, such as: legal entity name, addresses, bank accounts, tax ID, legal structure, iSupplier Portal – Supplier Security Administrator, etc., please complete and submit the Registered Supplier 资讯rmation Modification Form.


For additional help regarding the iSupplier Portal, ADP® and other related topics, read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).


Visit the Supplier Help Desk section to access the Inquiry Form and/or phone numbers and request additional help.